Keep track of upcoming video game release dates for most major platforms and regions. Select a platform above to view future game releases.

You can add release dates to your calendar individually or even subscribe to an entire platform to find out when new games are released from the comfort of your own calendar.

Lots of new releases added

A lot of new releases have been added now that next-gen consoles are launching or have just launched in certain regions!

Some new layout changes

I've made some layout changes to make Playtraq work even better, the biggest of which is that game artwork is no longer displayed. This was proving far too laborious as I had to manually generate an image link with Amazon, not to mention that most visitors weren't seeing it since ad-blocking software was preventing it from loading. Even when it did load, occasionally it wouldn't load quick enough and all visitors would see was broken image links. Yuck.

Instead, I've replaced the artwork with a number of options that include links to pre-order a copy of the game, add it to your calendar or report any inaccuracies. Pre-orders will still take you to Amazon or a sponsor's website.

Now that there is an options section, it's even easier to add a game to your calendar. It was never immediately obvious that you would click on the date so I've changed this to a dedicated "add to calendar" icon. This has meant the date can be displayed better and I've been able to streamline the view even more. To be honest, I think it looks much better!

The navigation bar has been tweaked to fit better on mobile devices and provide more room for when I add PC release dates (yes, they're coming soon)!

There are also some changes to how sponsorships work with some new additions, be sure to check them out.

I've still got some more changes in the works so keep checking back!

New updates for October 2013

After a great relaunch and some positive feedback from users, I've made some enhancements to the site to make it better than ever.

Submitting Games
The Submit a Game form is now much easier to use with specific fields for platform and release date (keep those suggestions coming)

Date Formats
US regions now display release dates in US date format. European releases are unchanged so you'll get the correct date format for the region you're viewing.

Better Layout
The website now looks and fits better on mobile and tablet devices.

More Release Dates
With most of the site now operational, I'll be focusing on improving release date information. With regards to this, expect release dates to be updated weekly, with imminent releases updated as and when needed.

Easier calendar subscriptions

I've changed the way visitors can get the calendar URL if it's needed to copy and use within Google Calendar or similar. Instead of a clickable link, it is now a pop-up that provides the link for you to copy without downloading anything.

Game sponsorships

Playtraq is a completely free service but it's one that requires a significant amount of my time to maintain. To aid the continued growth of Playtraq, each game includes a direct link to Amazon that uses an affiliate link so that Playtraq gets a little kickback whenever you order a game by clicking through.

In addition to this, I'm now opening up sponsorship slots for individual games. If you represent a retailer with an online store, you can sponsor each video game at the rates as follows:

  • Next-Gen Consoles: $250
  • Current-Gen Consoles: $200
  • Handhelds: $150

Anyone can sponsor a game and sponsorships will allow for games to be directed to a link of your choice. Sponsored links will last right through until the game is released so the earlier you take out a sponsorship, the longer your sponsored link will be displayed.

If you'd like to arrange sponsoring a game, see our sponsorship page for more information.

US releases now in US date format

For those of you living in the US and checking Playtraq on the go, I've updated the short date format on the mobile layout so that it's now month/day, (02/29). European users will still see day/month (29/02).

Add individual games to your calendar

If you're just wanting to be reminded of one or two games releases, you can add individual games directly to your calendar. Simply click the date of the game you're wanting to be reminded of to download a calendar event (.ics) that you can add to any calendar app or service.

Calendar subscriptions

Subscribing to a calendar is very straightforward and can be done through most calendar services, from the Google Calendar website to Calendars in iOS.

If you have a native app that manages your calendar, you can simply open the calendar subscription directly by clicking Open in preferred calendar app. This is best for those using a calendar app such as Apple iCal/Calendar on a Mac, Microsoft Outlook or an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

If you'd like further help, check out these help guides: